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01 The Goal

Create a platform for online learning.


The client came to us with the task of creating a platform for conducting online training for sales managers and managers. The main requirements for the system were:

  • The ability to manage courses through the administrative part
  • Unlimited creation of topics and lessons in each course
  • Creation of versatile tests during the course and after its completion
  • Managing grading criteria for tests
  • Monitoring user success statistics
  • Differentiation of access to courses
  • Registering users and creating groups for training
  • Integration of video into lessons with the ability to adjust the progress of video viewing.
  • Possibility of communication between users, who are trained through their personal accounts.

02 Pages Layouts

03 The Solution

We chose a bunch of WordPress + BodyBoss theme + Learndash LMS plugin.

The BodyBoss theme made it possible to register users for training with the wide capabilities of a personal account, namely:

  • Member profiles
  • Social groups
  • Forum Discussions
  • Zoom Integration
  • Member connections
  • Private messages
  • Group messaging
  • Notifications
  • Network search
  • Activity Feeds
  • Albums and media
  • Reports
  • Private communities

BuddyBoss integrates perfectly with the LearnDash learning management system, which in turn allows you to create and manage courses from your WordPress dashboard.

LearnDash allows you to create impressive online courses with virtually no limits:

  • The ability to self-brand the Learning Portal creates a distraction-free environment for learners.
  • Flexible settings – access to courses, lessons and tests based on a set of prerequisites.
  • Drag-and-drop course builder – The industry-leading course builder makes it easy to create courses.
  • Automatic notifications – Sends emails based on the actions students take (or don’t take) during the course.
  • Advanced Quizzes – eight question types, customizable messages, question store, and more.
  • Dynamic Content Display – Tutorials are drip-fed, require video viewing, linear and open progression, and more.
  • Badges and Certificates – Allows you to issue official certifications based on test scores, course completion, or both.
  • Discussion forums – communication between students to discuss a specific course.
  • Course Points – Granting points to learners as they complete lessons, allowing learners to discover new content.
  • Leaderboards – Displays the students with the highest scores on course tests.
  • Assignments – Allows you to submit assignments before students can move on to the next lesson.

Such solution made it possible to fully cover all the requirements for the system and even surpass them, having a reserve of settings and opportunities for further development of the service.

04 Adaptive Layouts

05 Technologies in the project

WordPress Elementor
Тема BodyBoss
Learndash LMS

06 The Result

Successfully create a project bundled WordPress + BodyBoss theme + Learndash LMS plugin.

We set up the system and adapted it to the needs of the client.

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