Ecommerce for Megakniga

Content creation / Hosting / SEO optimization / Technical support / Web development / Website redesign


Project Type

Online Store


Project Team

Project manager, web designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA, Dev-Ops

01 The Goal

Improve the operation of the national online bookstore and stationery by transferring to a more powerful platform.

02 Tasks

  • Redesign and optimize the UX of the site.
  • Migrate the website from the old CMS to the Yii Framework, preserving all the developed functionality.
  • Speed up the loading of website pages.
  • Improve website visibility in search engines.
  • Make the website fully responsive.
  • Move the website to more powerful servers.

Why did decide to redesign?

The online store fully worked on the old SEOCMS platform, was on our support and was constantly being improved. At the same time, the appearance of the website pages did not look modern and there were many flaws in the usability of the website. Also, in the plans of the customer, a number of innovations on the site were planned. It would not be advisable to do all this on an already outdated platform. In addition, the online store was not fully responsive, and there was only adaptation to smartphones and the design of the mobile version was different from the desktop one.

03 Online store Layouts

04 The Solution

It was decided to transfer the code of the online store to a new modern framework – Yii Framework.

Why choose Yii Framework for developing an online store?

  • Team work experience with this framework for over 5 years.
  • Implemented 30 online stores on the Yii Framework.
  • Created a convenient administrative interface for managing the store.
  • Designed a successful database architecture and optimized database queries within the framework.
  • We have developed many proven technical and business solutions.
  • We apply flexibility in subsequent improvements, without compromising the performance of the online store.

05 Complete website redesign

In view of the global redesign of the online store, of course, the website design and UX were also updated.

The emphasis was on the mobile version, so the mobile first approach was applied. First, we worked out navigation and work with filters in the mobile version, took into account bottlenecks and then designed the desktop version.

06 Technologies in the project

Yii Framework

07 Transferring all data from the old site

The next step was the transfer of all data to the new online store on the Yii Framework. For this, migrations from the old database to the new one were registered. During the transfer, we optimized the database structure, retaining the old functionality and added a new one. The new functionality made it easier for users to search the website.

08 Integrations

To automate the processes of catalog management and order processing, we implemented integration with a number of third-party services, which greatly facilitated and accelerated the work of staff, and also minimized the influence of the human factor:

Nova Poshta
Google services

09 The Result

Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork, we have laid a good foundation for the further development of the online store.

  • Moved the site to the more powerful Yii Framework.
  • Completely redesigned.
  • We kept the old functionality and added a new one.
  • Strengthened server architecture.

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