Legal aid service ProstoPrav

SEO optimization / Technical support / Web development / Website redesign


Project Type

Legal aid portal


Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation

Team members

Project Manager, UX Designer, Web Developer, QA Specialist

01 Goal

Make a redesign of the legal aid portal ProstoPrav.

About 2 years ago we launched the first version of this portal. During this time, it became clear that it works well in the service, and where there are difficulties and requires significant changes.

In this regard, there was a need to update the portal interface, as well as refinement of new functionality.

02 Layouts

03 Solution

In collaboration with the UX-designer worked out detailed layouts for all pages of the site, paying special attention to ease of use and intuitive interface.

It was decided to completely redesign the personal account for users and lawyers, especially the sections on dealing with inquiries and cases of users.

They decided to display the entire history of events on the case page in the form of a ribbon of events, from the most recent to the oldest.

This visual solution allowed to interact with information in a new way and simplify its perception.

04 Project's Technologies

Yii Framework

05 Result

We have updated the design of the Prostoprav legal aid portal and finalized the new functionality:

  • Improved the query tape.
  • Added the ability to agree on the cost of services between the user and lawyers in the form of bidding before the start of assistance.
  • Connected the payment system and created a section of the history of payments in the personal account

The technical implementation of the new interface was completed in a very short time – 10 working days.

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