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Korosten City Council, Ukraine

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Project Manager, Web Developer, QA Specialist

Create a new information portal of the city of Korosten, Ukraine.

Korosten City Council is rapidly developing in the field of digitalization and implementation of electronic systems. That is why the task was set to develop a new official city portal, where citizens will be able to find information about city management in an accessible and understandable form.

Portal requirements:

  • UX-design must be developed in accordance with the requirements for the design of government sites.
  • Provide integration with external resources for SMART City functionality.
  • Version for the visually impaired.
  • Develop the ability to maintain a database of regulations.
  • Transfer information from the old website.
  • Create easy site navigation for easy information retrieval.
  • Provide the ability to distribute management of different sections of the portal between departments and divisions.

02 Solution

The city portal is crated on WordPress with our own theme, with the introduction of special templates that allow you to flexibly enter a variety of information in a structured way.

A separate module has been created for the “Resident’s Office” section, which allows you to manage services and integrate them with other systems.

A separate system has also been developed for the regulatory framework on WordPress, which is located on a separate subdomain doc.korosten-rada.gov.ua. The search plugin makes it easier for users to work on the document portal. It contains a variety of filters for easy search by regulatory framework.

And for better search engine optimization of the portal, we have implemented templates for site pages that automatically generate micro data and snippets.

Such solutions have allowed to improve the indexing of the portal by search engines and, as a result, to take a good position on relevant queries.

03 Technologies



We have developed a new official portal of the city of Korosten and launched it in cooperation with its previous version:

  • Created a new design in accordance with the requirements for the design of government sites.
  • Introduced a version for the visually impaired.
  • Moved information from the old website.
  • Adapted for easy viewing on tablets and smartphones.
  • Optimized the loading speed of the portal pages.
  • Created a new clear structure of sections and menus.
  • They set up the possibility to distribute the work with the portal between departments and divisions.

The whole process of implementation and transfer of information took 6 months.

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