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Project type

Online Store


Dobrodar ®

Project Team

Project manager, web designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, QA, dev-ops

01 The Goal

Create a platform for online sales of seeds, seedlings and bulbs.


We were given the task of creating an online store of agro topics. Basic wishes from the client:

  • The ability to manage all content through the administrative panel, not overloaded with unnecessary elements and buttons.
  • Support for two or more languages.
  • Organize a convenient catalog for wholesale buyers on the topic Seeds and Saplings.
  • Make repeat purchases as easy as possible.
  • Provide comprehensive information about each product in the context of the profile interests of the target audience.
  • Integrate with 1C accounting system.
  • Upload catalog to third-party marketplaces.

02 Pages Layouts

03 The Solution

A modern PHP framework – the Yii Framework, was used as the basis for the online store.

Why choose Yii Framework for developing an online store?

  • An excellent ratio of development speed and system performance in terms of the result.
  • Team work experience with this framework for over 5 years.
  • Implementation of 30 online stores on the Yii Framework.
  • Designed a successful database architecture and optimized database queries within the framework.
  • We created a convenient administrative panel for managing the store, everything is only in essence.
  • We have developed many proven technical and business solutions to optimize the online store.
  • Applicability of flexibility in subsequent improvements, without compromising the performance of the online store.

Developed a simple and clear navigation through product categories in the online store

All pages of the site were developed taking into account testing on a group of target audience.

04 Adaptive Layout

05 Technologies in the project

Yii Framework

06 The Result

  • Created an individual multilingual online store
  • Integrated with 1C accounting system.
  • Developed uploading the product catalog to third-party sites and marketplaces.
  • Configured and optimized the server architecture.

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